Molly Durst - Web Designer
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Home Website Revamp Storefront Renderings MicroCenter Samples JEGS Samples Spec Ads

Before the website revamp:

Old Index

Q Bits

The website had an inconsistent look and feel in different sections.

The navigation was also inconsistent, which is problematic from a user experience standpoint. The overall design was built for desktop. Mobile/tablet users had not been considered. The main navigation was very difficult to use on a mobile device.

Customers were having a hard time finding information - and needed to bounce around from one page to another to get the class calendar and supply lists.


Some sections were left empty, linking users to a dead end.


There were multiple broken links because content had been removed without considering how it would impact other pages.

Time for a brand new look and a user experience overhaul!

After the website revamp:

New Index

A new look and feel was created for the webiste. To reflect the personality of the store, actual customers were featured right on the homepage.

Since the focus of the website is to help people register for classes, there are multiple links to the classes right on the homepage.

Machines Page Desktop Machines Page Desktop

All of the revamped pages were created with mobile devices in mind and follow a responsive design pattern.

New Classes

Improved navigation makes it easier for customers to find their classes and get registered.

New Calendar

Drop down menus allow customers to easily find their calendar and supply lists. They can now get all the information they are looking for on one page. These changes improved the user experience and increased online sign-up rates for events and classes.